“Regulation - Toward a Healthy Sustainable Regulatory Environment for All Stakeholders”

The need for changes in regulatory policies and practices arises from quick technological progress and evolution in the telecommunications markets. The goal is to find new approaches, which improve investment activities and provide more flexibility while maintaining and even fostering competition. The key aspect of Regulation 4.0, therefore, is a more dynamic regulatory framework which is based on creating a more flexible environment; promoting an integrated market; granting access and designing clear net neutrality rules; shifting the focus of national regulators towards new challenges (such as quality monitoring); establishing dynamic efficiency as the centerpieces of regulatory policies;strengthening technological neutrality as a basic principle.

The Kuwait Regulatory summit is a vital event with a number of panels discussing the regulatory landscape of the telecommunications industry in the region. The summit will discuss topics including regulatory trends, digitization, and public private partnership, among others. Industry leaders will convene to discuss regulatory issues and provide their strategic viewpoints based on their understanding of these issues.

Discussion Topics

  • Regulatory trends and case studies from the SAMENA region
  • Efficient implementation of policy and regulatory frameworks
  • Digitization - opportunity to foster growth
  • Public private partnership - an approach to accelerate broadband development