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Omantel announces aid for flood-hit areas in South Batinah

Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel) has announced a contribution of RO150,000 in aid of flood-hit communities in South Batinah.

In a disclosure, Omantel said its Board of Directors has approved a donation that will help in bringing back normalcy in some of the wilayats of South Batinah affected by heavy rains on August 1, 2022.

‘The Board of Directors has approved a donation of RO150,000 to help restore services and those affected by the heavy rains,’ the disclosure said.

It added that the donation is part of the company’s commitment to support government efforts in such extraordinary circumstances. ‘The amount will be distributed through the approved official channels,’ it said.

The next Annual General Meeting of the company, scheduled for the first quarter of 2023, will be notified of the donation.

Bank Nizwa is also providing help to those directly affected by the rains and has pledged RO40,000 to support flood-hit people and companies in these wilayats.

Earlier this month, officials visited several villages in South Batinah to inspect the damage caused by the rains. H E Nasser bin Khamis al Jashmi, Secretary-General of Ministry of Finance, and several undersecretaries also met a group of citizens whose homes and properties were damaged.

The citizens were briefed on the efforts exerted by the relevant authorities to restore basic services affected by the rains and overflowing wadis. The officials’ visit included the villages of Wadi Bani Kharus in the wilayat of Al Awabi, and Wadi Bani Awf, Al Ghushab and Al Tekha in the wilayat of Rustaq.