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stc Bahrain partners with Bahrain Diabetes Society to provide insulin pumps for diabetic children

In line with its ongoing commitment to empower the local community, stc Bahrain partnered with Bahrain Diabetes Society to support diabetic children in need. The stc Bahrain CSR team donated five insulin pumps to diabetic children, with an investment of BD 20,000.

The initiative is a part of stc Bahrain’s corporate social responsibility initiative, “stc Jusoor”, which means ‘Bridges’ in Arabic, with an aim to connect people and extend support to community-focused activities. As one of the most prevalent diseases in the Kingdom, diabetes stands at 15 percent among the adult population. 1 As part of “stc Jusoor”, stc Bahrain is working with the government to support diabetic children and improve the quality of health services, while maximizing its partnerships to enhance the well-being of all segments of the local community.

Shaikh Zeyad Al Khalifa, Chief Government Affairs Officer at stc Bahrain, said, “We are honored to be working alongside Bahrain Diabetes Society to support diabetic children and ensure their health and safety as one of the most common diseases in the Kingdom. At stc Bahrain, we are committed to maintaining a positive impact within local communities, supporting those in need, and ensuring citizens and residents of Bahrain are maintaining a healthy lifestyle with their families. As part of our CSR strategy, we aim to continue partnerships with the government and organizations to ensure the well-being of our community.”