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stc hosts panel discussion on sustainable education on ‘International Day of Education’

Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, hosted a panel discussion on sustainable education as part of its strategic partnership with the online educational platform, dawrat, and in commemoration of the ‘International Day of Education’ that is celebrated on January 24th. The panel discussion, featured representatives from select entities and institutions who shared their views on the importance of sustainable education.

The informative event was hosted by stc at the Company’s headquarters in Olympia Tower, welcoming educational leaders in Kuwait to discuss and cover important topics related to the local educational system. Panelists included representatives from dawrat, the Kuwait Association for Learning Differences (KALD), Advocates Group Academy, Dasman Bilingual School, Kuwait University, and the Ministry of Education. Following their background and knowledge within the industry, each of the panelists shared their views and opinions regarding topics discussed during the panel, which also reflected one of the key pillars behind stc’s extensive CSR program, education.

Joining the panel discussion from dawrat were the company’s CEO, Mohammad Al Surayea and instructor Abdullah Al-Sanae. Vice Chairman, Dr. Issa Jassem, and Instructor Fatima Al Dhafeeri participated in the panel discussion from KALD. From Advocates Group Academy, CEO and Attorney Mohamed Jamil participated in the panel alongside the Executive Vice President of Advocates Group Academy, Hessah Al Ouda. Superintendent Samar Dizmen, Middle School Principal Rihab Abdel Khalek, and PR & Marketing Executive Rana Massouh participated from Dasman Bilingual School in the panel. Student Maryam Al Kandari joined the panel from Kuwait University. The final panelists included teacher Faisal Al Baridi as well as the students Hadeel Al-Shammari and Abdullah Al-Jimaz, who represented the Ministry of Education in the discussion.

Considering the critical role education plays in economic development, stc actively participates in initiatives that aim to strengthen and enhance the local education system. Aside from the sustainable education panel discussion, stc recently contributed to other initiatives that support the local education system such as participating in graduations, honoring students that achieve academic excellence, and sponsoring nationwide programs that support education. The Company’s active support towards Kuwait’s education system aligns directly with the core objectives stc aims to achieve through its extensive CSR framework.

Danah AlJasem, General Manager of Corporate Communications at stc, said, “We are proud to have hosted this informative panel discussion in the presence of academic leaders to shed light on the importance of enriching the local education system through ideal development techniques. Through our role as digital pioneers in Kuwait’s telecom sector and as enablers of digital transformation, we believe that it is essential to set a sustainable plan that proves to be fruitful and supportive of the younger generation. Whether it is through education, economic development, or other factors that impact society, we must raise awareness on the necessity of implementing sustainable strategies today for a brighter tomorrow.”

AlJasem added, “On behalf of stc, I would like to thank all the academic leaders that participated in this educational and strategic initiative. We are proud to continue building and strengthening our relationship with various entities and institutions in Kuwait. She also added: “It is important to involve several educational institutions in this purposeful initiative that focuses on the importance of education due to the impact it has on the society to ultimately achieve the high-level objectives set under our dynamic CSR framework. This goes together with stc’s commitment to actively support the economy and look out for the public’s best interests by spreading awareness on issues that impact the community. As part of our corporate and individual duty towards the nation and people of Kuwait, stc will continue to explore innovative ways to contribute effectively to the society and economy.”

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